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The Interscission Series Tour


Interscission Project #1
Arshad Ahsanuddin
Sci-fi, Adventure, Romance, M/M

after a rescue attempt in Earth orbit goes bad, Commander Martin
Atkins of the Confederation Navy is approached by the Interscission
Project, a consortium of civilian corporations on the verge of
perfecting the technology to travel to another star. Despite his
misgivings, the chance to get back in the pilot’s seat is too much
to pass up, and he convinces his best friend and crewmate, Charles
Davenport, to leave the military temporarily and join him as part of
the crew of the Zenith, humanity’s first starship.

Harlen is a brilliant young engineer, and a key player in the
construction of the Zenith to take advantage of the untested
technology of foldspace drive. But Edward has his own agenda in
joining the project, and a bitterly personal score to settle with his
boss, Trevor Sutton, a vendetta of which Trevor is entirely ignorant.
When Edward’s sister Stella enters the picture and manages to
secure a position on the project, all of Edward’s careful plotting
is upset, and she might spell the downfall not only of his plans for
revenge, but of the entire Zenith mission.

spark of attraction between Edward and Martin is a complication that
Edward can’t afford, but of which he can’t let go. For Edward
knows the secret at the heart of the Interscission Project, the
hidden potential of the technology that in the wrong hands could
become the ultimate assassin’s weapon: the ability to rewrite
history, not just once, but many times. As an unseen enemy moves to
destroy them, and the body count multiplies in their wake, Martin and
Edward must choose whether they will allow the possibility of love to
challenge their destinies, or will they instead take up arms in a war
to control the most ancient and terrible power in the universe.

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Interscission Project#2
Arshad Ahsanuddin
Sci-fi, Adventure, Romance, M/M
has one chance to save a man he forgot he ever loved.
All he has
to do is destroy the world.

disastrous events of the Zenith mission behind them, Marty and Edward
lead very different lives at either end of time. 

has been tapped to lead an elite military operation designed to
curtail and ultimately eliminate the threat of time travelers. But
Henry Bradford has other ideas, and seeks to entice him into taking
up the role of captain of the rechristened starship Azimuth. 

a quarter century in the future, Edward lives a life of wealth and
influence as the adopted son of Starfire’s CEO, Trevor Sutton. But
the mystery of his birth father’s murder still weighs heavily on
his mind, eclipsed only by the baffling appearance of Martin’s
dogtags around his neck. The distance he will go for answers will
determine the ultimate course of human history, as he is pitted head
to head once more against the destructive agenda of the time traveler
he knows only as Gifford.

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Interscission Project #3
Sci-fi, Adventure, Romance, M/M
settles into a routine for the inhabitants of Chiron Colony,
humanity’s first interstellar settlement, after the threat of the
time traveler Gifford has apparently been eliminated. But the
Hourglass and its leader, Admiral O’Dare, are not content to rest
on their laurels, convinced that time travel remains a palpable
threat to human civilization. When Annette Sutton uncover a possible
secret plot to eliminate the principal members of the Interscission
Project decades in the past, when they had only just met, the
colonists' idyllic peace is shattered.

Martin and his people head off disaster as the Admiral moves to
destroy the potential for time travel, once and for all? Or is there
a deeper agenda in play? As loyalty and duty become pawns in the race
to prevent the erasure of all that they have accomplished, Martin
will have to decide once and for all how far he will go to save
everything and everyone he loves.

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profession, I am a hematopathologist, a laboratory physician who
specializes in diagnosis of diseases of blood, bone marrow, and lymph
nodes, such as leukemia and lymphoma. Yes, I realize the irony that I
write about vampires. ;) 

Pact Arcanum Saga consists of five books: Sunset, Cathedral of the
Sky, Sunrise, Moonlight, and Starlight. It is best described as
non-explicit, gay vampire space opera. The Interscission Project is
gay space opera/time travel, and consists of four books: Zenith,
Azimuth, Insurrection, and Ascension (forthcoming). 
each series conforms to standard conventions regarding the romance
genre overall, I do not guarantee a happy ending to any individual
book within the series.

my website: for more information.

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