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Alex Cave Series Book Tour & Giveaway

Dead Energy
The Alex Cave Series Book 1 
By James Corkill

Genre: A sci-fi mystery

Society starts to crumble, in this science fiction mystery! #1 bestseller by this award-winning author. ‘When you wake up in the morning, you never know where the day will take you.’ For Alex Cave, the day can become exceptionally intense.
When his wife was murdered during a mission, Alex Cave quit the CIA for a less stressful life as a geology instructor. At least, that was his plan until he is drawn into a situation where he is the only person who can save society from total collapse.
While on vacation sailing the waters of the Puget Sound, Alex sees a brilliant flash of light from an oil tanker and changes course to help, but there was no explosion, no one on board, and the oil has mysteriously vanished without a trace. When oil supplies begin to vanish, society starts to crumble, pitting human against human.

Frustrated with domineering boyfriends trying to control her life, Cali Wooley married the spineless wimp Harold, knowing he would do whatever she asked. When society starts to crumble, she realizes only a real man, not her sniveling coward husband, can save her and their children from the sadistic leader of a group of survivalists in central Idaho. Can Alex find a solution for this dire situation?

Cold Energy
The Alex Cave Series Book 2

Genre: A sci-fi mystery

5-stars! A science fiction mystery/thriller, with intriguing scenarios, exhilarating situations, and nail-biting suspense. The action doesn't stop until the last page!” (Amazon top-500 reviewer).
Geology instructor Alex Cave receives the urgent message from a friend in Northern Canada. “The polar ice sheet is mysteriously expanding by thousands of square miles in a matter of minutes!”
He begins a desperate race to find the cause, and joins the crew on board the high-tech research ship Mystic, but Captain Dieter has other plans for the stealthy craft and changes course to an unknown island in the Bering Sea. What Alex discovers is even more incredible than he could ever imagine.

The ice sheet continues expanding at an alarming rate, trapping anything in its path, and will cover the planet in a matter of days! Can Alex find a way to stop the world from entering a new ice age?

A fantastic ride from this bestselling and award-winning author. A great sequel to Dead Energy!”

Red Energy 
The Alex Cave Series Book 3

Genre: A sci-fi mystery

A science fiction mystery, with nail biting incidents, adrenaline surging episodes, and breath taking scenarios.
Geologist Alex Cave thinks his mission in the Bering Sea is over, but it’s only the start of a very long and hauntingly tragic day.
Alex discovers a 180-million-year old alien artifact of incredible power inside a dormant volcano in the Bering Sea, but before he can take it to a safe location, the device stolen. He knows that in the wrong hands, the artifact could start a chain of events that will lead to the demise of our civilization.

Alex wonders if he can ever fall in love again, and then he meets Fala, a Native American woman and cousin of his best friend, Okana. Just when his life regains some semblance of normalcy, she and her daughter suffer a brutal death because of his mistake. In desperation, he volunteers to travel back in time to change the circumstances that caused their demise, but the outcome is the same. Each time he goes back, he must re-live their horrific deaths, and he realizes that the only way to save them is to sacrifice his life, which will seal the fate of our society.
On this emotional roller coaster, Alex feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he is torn between saving his loved ones, or saving humanity from extinction. Can he find a way to save both?

Another fantastic ride from start to finish by this bestselling and award-winning author”.

The Alex Cave Series Book 4

Genre: A sci-fi mystery

A science fiction mystery, with intriguing scenarios, exhilarating situations, and nail-biting suspense. This award-winning novel will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last page!”
(Amazon top-500 reviewer).

Geology instructor Alex Cave receives an urgent message about an unusual event in Iceland. What he discovers is an alien artifact more powerful than a nuclear weapon. An anti-gravity device, which begins changing the orbit of our moon.

Alex knows he must somehow find a way to return it to its original orbit, but he can’t tell his girlfriend and her daughter his reason for leaving, even though she already considers him just another adventure junkie, disappearing without any concern for her feelings.

The adventure doesn't end when a huge emerald asteroid with a mass of solid gold is on a collision course with Earth, and will impact in six days. His only chance of changing its trajectory is with the ancient artifact, and he’s running out of time. Can he find a way to save humanity from extinction?

A fantastic ride from this bestselling and award-winning author. A great sequel to Red Energy.”

Pandora’s Eyes
The Alex Cave Series Book 5Genre: A sci-fi mystery

What if the color of your eyes will determine whether you live or die?
Geologist Alex Cave had discovered four alien artifacts that seemed designed to destroy all life on our planet. He thought they were locked up at a secret facility in Nevada, away from unscrupulous industrialists and scientists, but two of the devices have gone missing, and one of them is in orbit over our planet.
John Essex had good intentions when he modified one of the stolen artifacts. His plan was to collect and recycle the space debris orbiting our planet, but when he turns it on, a powerful artificial intelligence named Pandora detects the signal from deep inside the Earth.
Pandora returns to the surface and informs Alex that our world belongs to her race of humans, which have been in stasis for 180-million-years. She threatens to destroy our race unless we abide by her laws.
Law-1: Humans with brown eyes are genetically inferior and prone to aggressive behavior, and will not be allowed to occupy her planet or she will annihilate our entire species.
Can Alex find a way out of this no-win situation?

A fantastic ride from this bestselling and award-winning author. A great sequel to Gravity!”

Hello. I’m James M. Corkill, a Veteran, and retired Federal Firefighter from Washington State, USA. I was an electronic technician and studied mechanical engineering in my spare time before eventually becoming a firefighter for 32-years and retiring. I’ve since settled into the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina, and I have a fantastic view from my writing desk.
I began writing in 1997, and was fortunate to meet a famous horror writer named Hugh B. Cave, who became my mentor. In 2002, I rushed to self-published a dozen copies of Dead Energy so my wife could see my book before she was taken by cancer. When my soul mate was gone, I stopped writing and began drinking heavily.

When you wake up in the morning, you never know where the day will take you.”

In 2013, I met a stranger who recognized my name and had enjoyed an old copy of Dead Energy, except for the ending. When she encouraged me to start writing again, I realized this chance meeting was just what I needed to hear at the right moment. I quit drinking and began the rewrite of Dead Energy into The Alex Cave Series, and guess what? Now I’m a bestselling and award-winning author, and I’m thankful for that fateful encounter.

I’ve always been an inventor with an overabundance of imagination, and I’ve been fascinated by unusual rock formations for most of my life, so let me introduce you to my alter ego, Alex Cave. These are his adventures.

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