Saturday, October 1, 2016

Knights of Enmity Blog Tour & Giveaway

Knights of Enmity 
by Sedrie Danielle Genre: Urban Fantasy

Fall into the magic, action and ever spiraling chaos that is the Knights of Enmity!
Never had there been a time when enmity did not exist between Man and Angels. During the time of the Light Wars, the ancient Order of the Grigori blessed 9 sons of Adam with the power to defeat Gabriel's hordes. The 9 founded the first of the 33 Orders of Man who swore to protect Earth from the wrath of Heaven.
Rufus Sosius, leads the degenerative Black Knights of the Order of Magia Chaotica; the most powerful of the 33 Orders of Man. While each Knight has taken a vow to maintain the balance of light and darkness in the world while upholding the will of the Council of 9, they find themselves ensnared in the drama of life as a series of bad decisions and fleshly weaknesses creates enmity between the Orders.
Dante the Seer has a vision of the coming war and warns Rufus Sosius of the Prophet's errored interpretation which lead him to the idea of awakening the sheeple, the common man, to the world of magic. Against the advice of the Council, the Prophet awakens the masses but quickly finds out he was wrong by doing so.
As agitation amongst the Orders rises, Heaven has sounded the horns of the Reckoning as foretold in Revelation. Heaven descends upon the lower realms, it is Lord Samedi and his Barons who meet Heaven's swords with their own.


Sédrie Danielle is the author of the Knights of Enmity, an urban fantasy series whose characters personifies the idea of diversity. Living in a world where underrepresented voices are often exempt from mainstream fantasy and science fiction books, Sédrie has made it her life's work to create strong, realistic characters that the LGBTI community and racial miniorties can identify with. After receiving undergraduate degrees in history and anthropology, a series of unfortunate events led her to write books as an expression of repressed ideas and emotions. As an archaeologist, she has excavated at PaleoIndian sites dating as far back as 10,000BCE, a 1940's lynching site and other time periods inbetween. Books such as The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, The DaVinci Code, and others sparked an interest which took her basic love of history to esoteric studies, occult arts and mythology. Apart from living in Atlanta, Ga with her pet turtles Castor and Pollux, she loves to travel and visit historical. Conversations about anything but politics is a must over a cup of cupcake flavored coffee.

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