Thursday, September 29, 2016

FREE (ATOP) - Paranormal


In sixteen years, Bay-Lee has lived under multiple aliases, learned to fight with a variety of weapons, and has lied to everyone she’s met. Nothing surprises her anymore—or so she thinks. Then she gets two unexpected visitors in one night: a dead rock star and a reaper. The reaper issues a warning: It kills you on your birthday.

Only he doesn't just mean her. Hunters are being slaughtered, good hunters, people who know what they’re doing. What chance does she have?

This isn’t the greatest time to be a hunter-in-training, but her father insists she join him at his secret school tucked away in New Zealand. As a descendent of the Van Helsing family, big things are expected of her. She won’t be getting special treatment, regardless of what the other students think.

Passing her classes and showing off her skills in battle take a backseat to survival. She must face wraiths, a shifter in disguise, and a hostile young man who hates her on sight. What is his problem anyway?

A dark prophecy looms closer, and students begin to die. Her mentor, Nick Gallos, knows a lot more than he’s willing to share. Like it or not, they will have to work together to save their fellow students, teachers, and each other.

They are destined to fall in love... but will they live long enough to find happiness? Or will they die on their birthdays?


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