Thursday, January 28, 2016


I received this book for a fair, unbiased review and it was by far one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am absolutely in love with Ameerah!!! It is a book that is set during a very interesting time period, the Roaring Twenties, which adds so much to the charm of this book and character. It is also full of some sadness, because back in those days, they believed they could use torturous shock procedures to “fix” anything that might be wrong with you, i.e. like Ameerah actually having a “real” view on life, that I just fell in love with. Anyone who loves a good solid story, is interested in that time period, loves paranormal or any combination of all, will be MORE than pleased with this book, because it contains elements that can speak to anyone. Ameerah’s mantra, if you will is “some birds cannot be caged and I’m one of them”-a shared sentiment between her & I for sure, so she is very easy for me to relate to. Another of my favorite quotes is the exact way I feel about life, and this shows Ameerah’s incredible take on life “What I did and how I chose to live my life was my own damned business What right did they have to encroach their standards upon mine? As long as I did no harm to anyone…..well, one’s who didn’t deserve to suffer…..what business was it of theirs? None.” Those were her thoughts and feelings when her parents decided to ambush her and drop her into an asylum for not thinking or acting properly (according to their standards). That is part of the saddness in the book, but Ameerah being as tough as she is, fights with every fiber of her being.
Rebekkah Ford has a way of painting such a visual that I feel as if I’ve been transported to that era and living right alongside the characters. I could fangirl and gush all over the place about this book, because there is nothing I did not enjoy about it. I do believe I have found a new favorite female character!
This novel follows in suit to her other books, with characters from them, but can most certainly be read as a standalone and still make perfect sense. Rebekkah Ford has all her ducks in a row with this one and you can tell she did some serious research with all the accurate references and language terminology she uses. It’s just brilliant. The only thing I will warn you, if you read this book you will most certainly become addicted to Rebekkah Ford and I guarantee you’ll be overly anxious to read her other books (which I recommend highly as well)
It is certainly a book that provokes lots of emotions and every second of it is enjoyable. I know I will re-read this book several times, just to live vicariously through Ameerah! The only thing I need right now is a Bee’s Knee’s drink and I’ll be perfectly equipped to hang around with Ameerahs “dark spirit” after she meets her demise (sad point)
A wonderfully paced story, that is spot on for it’s time period.
The only other thing I can say, is grab your copy now and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Ameerah is a true gem, as is her creator Rebekkah Ford-you won’t be able to put it down!! I can’t wait to see the impact Ameerah has on the reading world because I expect nothing short of greatness for this book!! My only regret is that I cannot give it more than 5 stars!!!

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