Monday, January 11, 2016

.。.:*☆:*:.PARANORMAL READS.:*:.☆*.:。.

Check out these Paranormal Aussie Authors. They'll keep you up at night turning those pages. All books only 99 cents. Grab one, or all three and add them to your "favourites" list :D 
Bloodgifted by Tima Maria Lacoba
✰Every family has a black sheep. Mine has a vampire. Ah well, no family's perfect.✰ 
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Wings of Vengeance by Kylie Price
✰It wasn't that I didn't love him, or want to try; I lost my will to live long before I let him in my heart. There's no turning back once you've crossed that line.✰
Available for #FREE in Kindle Unlimited.
Arkadia by Dzintra Sullivan
✰#Family isn't always blood related, #HWH making the impossible, possible. Before #Ashja is released, start by knocking on the door with #Arkadia
Only #99C
+Tima Maria Lacoba +Kylie Price +Dzintra Sullivan

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