Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Reading Suggestion-NEW RELEASE!!!

By Dzintra Sullivan

★.¸¸¸.•°´*´#ASHJA is LIVE`*´°•.¸¸¸. ★
Halfway House Series
Book #4

Amazon :
I'm Ashja! I've been roaming the earth for thousands of years.
I am a mighty and powerful Djinn—well, I was until I lost my talisman.
"He who holds the talisman controls the Djinn."
Without it, well, let's just say I’m a Djinn on the edge.
Unfortunately for me, the paranormal council in all their wisdom has grounded me. They have ordered me to stay at this godforsaken Halfway House, with only the bare essentials of my powers available until I can locate my talisman. How am I supposed to know where it is? It was dark and I was drunk.
So here I am, stuck between a centaur and a dragon.
If I don't find my talisman quickly, the town and all its occupants might not survive.
On the upside?
There’s one rocking sexy redhead up at the house.
I sure would like her to rub my lamp.
If only I could get to her.

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