Tuesday, December 22, 2015


COMING 2016!!!!

By Rebekkah Ford

Who is Ameerah Arrowood? During these coming weeks, you’ll get to discover bits and pieces about her, and then when her whole story comes out in January, get ready to be taken on one hell of a ride. That’s what the peeps who read her unedited manuscript said along with this:
As we follow her tale, filled with many twists and turns, we are taken on an adventure that captivates the mind, grips the heart and pushes you to the edge of reason all in a matter of a few chapters.
Ameerah takes us into the dark hearts of humanity and exactly who really is evil. Long after you read this book, you will be thinking about what exactly are your beliefs.
So be prepared, because this is a story unlike anything you’ve ever read…

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