Thursday, September 17, 2015


Slice Girls, an anthology of Feminazi Splatter Goth. The Female of the Species is More Deadly Than the Male.

Release date September 18 2015
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Includes stories by – Samie Sands, Carmilla Voiez, Jef Rouner, Joe DiCicco, Timothy Black and Elisabeth Popolow.

From tales of revenge and spurned lovers to vengeful ghosts and blood-thirsty misandrists. This unique collection of tales explores the violent potential of women. Turning old tropes on their heads we have male victims and female killers. This anthology of Feminazi Splatter Goth will uncover the darkness of the “fairer sex” and prove the age old maxim that – the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Short stories of horror and torture from indie authors around the globe.

Excerpt -

The shed waited for me, unlocked as always. These people were so trusting. Had nothing bad
ever happened to them? Well that would change soon. I doubted whether, after today, Amanda
would be able to leave a single door unlocked. I still hadn't decided what I'd do if she came home
too early. I had four hours and that should be plenty of time, but what if her plans changed and I
was forced to think fast? Could I hurt her? I didn't know and hoped I wouldn't have to find out.
Daryl deserved what was going to happen, I knew that in the deepest parts of me, but Amanda was
innocent, or as innocent as anyone could be in this sick and twisted world, and that baby...

I lifted the shovel off the hook, some rope, an evil-looking pair of shears and a ridiculously
sharp pair of secateurs. I looked at each in turn – the spade for the initial blow, or two, or however
many it took to knock him out, hopefully without killing him. The rope for tying him up so he
would be helpless even if he regained consciousness, and the evil looking gardener's scissors, both
pairs, for snipping, cutting, biting. I wished I'd had the strength to bite him before. Hurt him,
crushed him, pierced his skin rather than letting him use my mouth for his pleasure. This time it
would be very different. This time my jaws would not be pliant, they would be jagged

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