Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sneak Peek at a New Work In Progress from Rebekkah Ford

This is from the wonderful author I PA for Author Rebekkah Ford-from her "work in progress" I love it <3 ~ "I'm working on line edits. Here's the first paragraph to chapter one. P.S. This still needs to be beta read and sent to my editor." Legends of Deceit “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” ~ Alice in Wonderland Chapter One Guilt and grief were the worst feelings anyone could ever experience. I should know, I had the misfortune of coming home from a four day, fun-filled trip to Vegas with my bestie Kimmie, only to discover my parents were slaughtered hours before I arrived. If only we hadn’t flirted with the hot guys from San Francisco at the charming café we ate at after our plane landed in Seattle or took the scenic route on the way home, I would have been there before the bastard murdered my family. Maybe I could have stopped him. But who was I kidding? Could I really have subdued a blood-thirsty killer who was probably jacked up on drugs and stark-raving mad? Probably not. The guilt, though . . . the fucking guilt and the all-consuming grief screamed inside my entire being that regardless of the situation, if I was there, they’d still be alive. Somehow I knew it to be true, a fact comparable to the sun setting in the west. There was no argument, no bullshit reasons to disprove. I was the cause of their death, but why? My question would be answered soon enough after they confronted me. ~Seven hours beforehand~ (Next scene)

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